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Friday, 3 January 2014

Hello Again!

 Hello my crafting friends many, many apologies for being away so long, I would not have come back today had I not found some 'more old' cards whilst clearing out lol!!! My oh my our house is a mess! I am, believe it or not, still sorting out all my craft stuff, I am trying to get it all on and around my craft desk in my sons bedroom (bless him!) which means the 3 trollies (4 drawers in each) have to be emptied and sorted out, bits and bobs I have thrown but others I am selling on e-bay as job lots once I have finished, I was hoping to get rid of all the trollies but now seems like I have to keep 1 of them as I do not have room to keep it all, I will have to take a photo of my desk once I am finished lol! Not sure whether there is going to be room for me yet!!!
My son informs me that today we are moving my bookshelf out of his room and in the place to where my trollies were (still are as I type this lol!) so going to be another busy day, my hubby, bless him, painted the hallway yesterday, he is finishing that today then we we are sanding the floor boards and staining those! It has been fun trying to keep the cats away from the wet paint so I am dreading it when we stain the floor boards, the hallway is the center of the bungalow that leads to all the bedrooms, living room and bathroom so it is in constant use! Still it should hopefully look nice when its all finished and I may have little pussycat footprints as a permanent pattern, who knows lol! Hopefully we will have a bit more room when its all finished, the conservatory is the next room to be done but that is only decorating one wall thankfully as the rest is all brick and glass! Yes d-cluttering and decorating at the same time, no rest for the wicked lol!

Among my find of cards I have little ones that I shall put up over the next week but I have not had any time to play, so I have no new ones as yet, most disappointed as I so want to play with my new toy, especially as I am back at work from Tuesday, still must get the house sorted first! Ang you are right the E-Bosser is extremely heavy, quite surprisingly, at least it should not move when in use lol! I have it set up on my desk but have not tried it yet!

Well my card on show today was made from a set I bought quite a few years ago from Kanban featuring a mixture of past times including dance and music, I remember making this one for use as a Male card. The sentiment got a bit bent in storage but still useable!

I do hope you are all keeping well and are fully recovered from any Christmas/New Year festivities. Once we have the house sorted I aim to post about 3 times a week fingers crossed lol! Thank you all for being so patient with me and for all your lovely comments, I am slowly getting round to all your posts and wonderful creations.

Thank you for looking, Jacquie xxx

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