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Monday, 6 January 2014

Floral mix

 Morning crafters, and a very warm welcome to Debbie Fisher, a new follower, you can view her blog at

Debbie has some fantastic cards on there so please do go and take a look.

Now my little three again are from old stock I have found, when I did them I remember thinking they would make ideal 'Thank you' and 'Get Well Soon' cards, just something small and simple. I am afraid I cannot remember where the kit came from, more likely to be Kanban as I did used to purchase quite a lot of their products., however, if you know different then please let me know lol!

The first one I used the image to match the background card with a little miri card behind the image of the bay tree.
The second card, I used to love this background print and although it does not match the image I think they work well together, I matted the image onto Gold, textured, matt miri card. Lilies are one of my favourite flowers, though I do not have them in my garden anymore as they are poisonous to cats, better safe than sorry.

Finally my third card is just a different colorway to my first and using Gold miri card matted behind the main image instead of silver. Of course I changed the sentiment too.

Three very easy cards to make.

Now my crafting friends, I did mention a couple of days ago about me putting my craft stash onto e-bay to try and sell, well before I do that I have decided to put all the names of you fellow crafters on my blog list into a hat a draw out 2, yes 2 winners who can then choose a prize from my stash. Now I wont draw the names until possibly Thursday or Friday to give you all chance, then whoever names are drawn they can e-mail their address for me to send them their prize. So here is a picture of all I am getting rid of for a better word!

As you can see there are chipboard, fairy card and ribbons, some stamps, embellishments, Chinese card decoupage, Hunkydory Butterfly card, Christmas blank cards and envelopes, gel pens, glitter, Jolly nation card set & stamps, Duflex decoupage, stencils, vellum quotes stack pads, new small punches, new box Red Christmas chipboard shapes. Now I will confess some of these are new and not used, some are part used, but very little, i.e the ribbon pack may have one of the ribbons missing but in these circumstances I shall replace that with a meter of ribbon of similar colour, where there have been pack of adhesive ribbon that I may have used one of the ribbons I have removed that whole sheet so that you only have complete packs, I know this sound really cheap and I apologize for that but this is, as I have said, old stash I am getting rid of to make room for new items, these items I have not used for at least 18 months and I know I am never going to so I would rather give it away or sell rather than throw away, there are one or two items I have never used, I wish I could give away a brand new item as some crafters do in their candy blog but I could not afford to do that. Anyway, those of you wishing to participate can so let me know if you would rather I did not put your name in the hat. I would do it by computer but have not got a clue how they random pick a name that way lol!!

Thank you for looking, Jacquie xxx

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