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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Leaving card & Clay Head!

Morning my crafting friends, hope this finds you all safe & well, the weather is scorching hot down here so I do feel for those of you who have had floods recently. We constantly moan about the weather don't we but we don't realise how lucky we are compared to some countries.

Now today's post is a little different, the first item is a card I made for the class of Children at my school for their form teacher from them. Being as the front contains a photo of the whole class I have had to cut it out for safeguarding reasons so I hope you don't mind, it was a photo of them all sitting on the stairs, they wanted it put into a card so this is what I did for their Male Teacher Mr Chung, he is a lovely young man who is moving on to another school so he will be missed by us all.

I used Kraft card, embossed it with Sheena Douglass Trailing Ivy Embossing Folder and rubbed over the embossing with Creative Expressions Gilding Wax Green. I added the leaves from Tattered Lace (part of my prize from Lydia a short time back) as the photo they gave me had a couple of bright areas so I covered them up with leaves! Now I did not want to put a flower on to hide the stems of the leaves so I added these Metal Victorian Corners I had in my stash. Adding a label & sentiment at the bottom finished the card. I did line it with copy paper so they could all sign it, glad to say they were all pleased with it. There will be a few tearful farewells today as we say goodbye to a lot of Teachers and staff, some retiring and some moving on, then our holidays begin!

Now my other bit of craft is not a card but a clay model I made at school in the Art lessons lol! Occasionally when they do use clay we are asked if we want to join in so on this occasion I did. They were making clay model heads of famous artists so I chose Van Gogh! You make the head with newspaper first to get the shape then once that has set (a week later) you add the clay on top forming it into shape to represent your chosen artist, all the children had pictures to copy from. Its at this stage you have to add the features like the hair, nose etc, you have to leave a hole at the bottom, this is then left to dry before finally being put into the kiln, ( second week) it is whilst in the kiln the newspaper burns away leaving just the clay head, which is why you need a hole at the bottom for the ashes to drop out of. The third week the children are able to paint their heads like the artist.

We painted them with water colour paints and being Art you are expected to paint all the skin tones that are in the skin including Blue, Yellow & Green.  I only had two weeks to complete mine so would have liked more time to get the eyes right, I did only put on one ear though lol!

I am quite pleased with my first attempt at a clay head and the teacher thought it was good!

Back to cards on Thursday.

Thank you for looking, Jacquie xxx

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