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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Winter Scene

Morning crafters, another little Robin for you today.

Thank you for all your lovely comments yesterday, I really do appreciate them.
Ang: I love Robins, they are such lovely little characters, we too have had a couple of blackbirds in our garden for a number of years, I do feed them bird balls each day but that's all as I have to be careful as I have two cats and my female one is a little hunter with the patience of a saint! Many a summer do I chase her round the garden either freeing a bird or mouse! She knows where they are and waits and waits! The blackbirds bless them warn me if shes too near, they run up and down the fence making such a racket until I go and get her in.
Suzie: Invertage, if I have pronounced it right, has been around a while though I do not see much of it anymore, invertage was yesterdays card where the image goes in, in steps rather than out. I think it can look quite effective depending on the image.

Shirley: I know what you mean, bird food is quite expensive, another reason I only give them bird balls, I buy enough to last a month at a time, I know certain birds eat certain foods but that will be too expensive. I try and help where I can by not putting slug pellets down and my do we have a lot of slugs, I have never seen as many as we have in our garden!

Now for todays card, I am pretty sure these came from Kanban, I used to buy a lot of their items as they were of such good quality, such a shame they are not around anymore.

This one could have done with more matting & layering but at least it shows a bit of the beautiful card I used for the background! I love the Robin on the Post box.

Thank you for looking, Jacquie xxx

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