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Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Morning Crafters,

You are probably thinking what...well I have come to the point where I either had to stop posting for a while to catch up with some card making or start posting some really old cards, I really do mean old! These were way before I knew of Spellbinders or the Grand Calibar, so I am sorry for what may seem poor quality, I would like to think I have learnt a lot since these were made! I am just so busy at the moment with work and getting ready for Christmas I just have not had the time to make any cards, I started my Daughters card 4 days ago and still have not had the time to finish it, where does the time go?!!!

My apologies to everyone, these will be over the next few weeks so if you do get bored or would rather not see them (though they may give you a laugh lol!) please do say. I will try and remember where I got the images etc from but there won't be any essays as usual, maybe that's a good thing lol!

Now for the first one...


These images were from My Craft Studio 'Four Season' CD Rom,  there were a few American Indian images on there to which I put together to make this card.

I have always been fascinated by the American Indian tribes and their way of life.
They have some lovely stories to tell and not so nice ones.

Thank you for looking, Jacquie xxx

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