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Friday, 21 November 2014

Oldie Friday!

Morning crafters, hope this day finds you all safe and well? Thank you for visiting me today, I have a long weekend this week as we are not in work today or Monday as its non-pupil days so a nice long weekend and I plan to play! What's the betting something will put a stop to that lol!

Anyhow today's post is for 'Oldie Friday', its been a while since I put anything up, I believe Erika started this off but please don't quote me on that lol! You can find her blog here:

For many years I have loved stained glass windows, all stained glass really and it was a few years ago I had a chance to give it a go when I had to accompany a student to the classes, she was quite poorly and could not do a lot in school so they arranged for her to do this, needless to say she loved it as did I, in fact I do remember putting a grinder on my Christmas list so I could do it at home but that has never come about lol!

After the first tutorial and trial, where I made a little butterfly, we were able to have a go at whatever design we wanted, my student did a lovely mirror edged in stained glass but me I decided to be a bit more adventurous if you like as I wanted to do a snowboarding scene for my Son, I was told if I could do that then I could do anything, the Lady thought it was a bit too ambitious for my first project!!!  Well here it is...

I was well chuffed with how it turned out, I chose the colours to match my son's snowboarding gear at the time and even found some Black glass that was patterned enough to look like the sun on his goggles! I did copy the image from a drawing I found on the internet as I wanted a snowboarder in the air! My son loved it and still has it kept safely.

My Daughter did not miss out as I followed this with a surfing theme for her but using fused glass, this I shall keep you waiting to see until next Friday! I!

They both received them as a surprise Christmas present a about 4 years ago.

Thank you for looking, Jacquie xxx


  1. Oh! My! Word! Jacquie,
    This is absolutely AMAZING. Love, love, love it
    Have a great day

    Patricia x

  2. Wow Jacquie what a fabulous piece of stained glass. It must have taken ages to do and I bet your son cherishes it! Have a wonderful few days off, Susan x

  3. Gosh Jacquie is there no end to your talent, this is wonderful. Hazel x

  4. WOW! This is amazing Jacquie, it really is. I bet it will be treasured forever by your son.
    I hope you have a lovely long weekend.
    hugs Sue xx

  5. This absolutely fab, you are so clever, xxx

  6. A most stunning creation Jacquie, it's really gorgeous..xx
    aNNie xx
    The Journey is the Start

  7. Morning Jacquie, are there no end to your talents? This is fab. Have a great long weekend. Janice xxx

  8. Gorgeous Jacquie, is there anything you can't do!! Love the idea of showcasing older projects, it's nice to see things you made before I found you! big hugs :)

  9. This is fabulous Jacquie. How very talented you are.

  10. OMG you did that? it is awesome...I would love to learn this technique...and thanks for reminding me about erika and her oldie fridays...she entered my challenge TBT and that we way we met...
    we are getting ready here for thanksgiving next Thursday...all is going Ok, being busy helps...hope all is well with you...warm hugs from california

  11. Wow! This is your first attempt, well done you! Really stunning work. Michelle x

  12. Hi Jacquie
    Flippin eck! This is amazing !
    You could sell these or re-do my house windows!
    What a talented gal.
    Enjoy your long weekend.
    Ang x

  13. Hi
    I am going to Southport in North West then Corby Northhants

  14. Wow ... this is amazing for your first big project wit stained glass, Jacquie. You did an amazing job. Stained glass is not easy ... especially without a ginder! I'm sure our son will treasure this always. Looking forward to seeing what you made for your daughter.

    I also did stain glass ... but sad to say, it's been over 25 years since I've done any. I did post a while back with a couple of pieces that have come back to me in the past year (both recipients have passed away). The first one was my first large project and the second was my last. Hope you'll take a look Jacquie. Loll xx

  15. This is brilliant Jaqcuie, such a fabulous design - I would love to have a go at stained glass, I can't wait to see your daughter's one.


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