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Friday, 28 November 2014

'Oldie Friday' Fused Glass

Happy Friday to you my crafting buddies, hope it has been a good week for you all? Thank you for visiting me today I really do appreciate all your visits so do please keep coming.

I may be missing off here for a while next week as the posts I have on have been scheduled but my dear good neighbour has been rushed into hospital so I am visiting her each night after work so no crafting time at the moment, she has no family down here so I don't like to leave her on her own. Sorry guys, I think there are a couple more scheduled posts but depending on how things go over the weekend not sure when I will get chance to do more.

Its Oldie Friday again so as promised here is the glass product I made my Daughter. As you may remember for my son I did a Snowboarder out of stained glass, for my daughter I did Surf boards on the beach out of fused glass.

With fused glass you cut all the pieces out as you would with stained glass but you can use very thin strips of glass as well as glass particles to add patterns i.e as I have done here on the surf boards.

You start with a sheet of clear glass then add the layers of glass on top, gluing them down as you go and hoping they stay! You can use special pens to draw on the glass to as I have with the palm leaves, clouds and flowers, when you have finished it all goes in the Kiln to fuse the glass pieces together, this is when you pray it all goes well as lots of times pieces tend to break off or move. Some strips of glass broke off this but it was not too bad.

The photo does not do it justice as with this one the effect is 3D so you have to imagine the surf boards protruding out on the top where the background the glass has fused together smoothly.

I was quite pleased with it as again it was the first, and only time I have done fused glass, I did want to do it as a stained glass like my sons but the  tutor persuaded me to try fusing it. My Daughter loves it and has it sitting on her fire place in her dining room.

The dimensions are around 8 inches wide by about 6 inches high if my memory serves me correctly!

Thank you for looking, Jacquie xxx


  1. Wow Jacquie it looks brilliant, so vibrant and colourful! What a shame you didn't manage to keep it up as you are obviously very good at it. I do hope all goes well with your neighbour and she makes a good recovery. Hugs Susan xx

  2. This is really fabulous Jacquie, such a great design and I love the colours.
    Sorry to hear about your neighbour, I hope she is better soon. It's nice that you are able to offer her some support and comfort.
    hugs Sue xx

  3. Love the fab design,this is just

  4. Absolutely amazing, love the vibrant colours, whole thing is brilliant.
    Sending a few (((hugs))) for your neighbour. Quite right she needs you at the moment. What a lovely thing to do for her, crafting can wait people are for more important especially good friends.

    Patricia x

  5. Gosh Jacquie, what a talented lady you are....looking at the photo you would never have guessed it was made using thin slices of glass. AMAZING !! Also what a kind and thoughtful person you are visiting a neighbour who has no-one where she is. Hope you managed to fit in a bit of crafting in the next few days. Janice xx

  6. Hi Jacquie
    What a shame about your neighbour. I hope she recovers soon. You post when you're able chuck. We'll still be here.
    Another amazing glass project. You are a clever gal. Hope Toyah is doing better now.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  7. Fantastic work Jacquie. Really marvellous. Sorry about your neighbour. She is very lucky to have you as a friend.

  8. Just playing some catch up Jacquie. Sorry to hear about your neighbour, I hope everything turns out OK. Love your glass project, what a stunning piece of work! big hugs :)

  9. This is AMAZING Jacquie!! I have never heard of this before ... wow! The colours are so bright and the depth you get from layering the glass is incredible. Thanks for sharing! Loll xx

  10. This is stunning Jacquie, the surfboards look wonderful.
    Sorry to hear about your neighbour, I hope she is soon on the mend.


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