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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

First Book Folding!

Hello my crafting friends, I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, didn't it go quick!!!? Did you get what you wished for? I have to admit I think I got almost all that was on my list including more! One thing I did get was a light tent so hopefully once I find somewhere to set it up I may get better pictures of my cards lol!!

I will post the cards I made for my Son & Daughter later in the week but today I am posting the book folding I made for my daughter, I would have liked to have decorated it more but my daughter does not like anything fancy, she prefers plain and simple so that is what she got! She seemed pleased with it anyway. So may I say 'Jan I finally made it, THANK YOU for the pattern, I shall now have to go and buy the book!lol!'  I was commenting on a lovely book folding that my friend Jan made one day and mentioned I would like to do one of these with my Daughters name as we could never get anything with her name on unless it was handmade and lovely as Jan is she sent me the pattern for the letters for my Daughters name, bless you Jan. I did make a couple of mistakes and its not perfect but I was happy with it being my first attempt!

As you can see I chose not to decorate around the letters I just covered the book with some script paper and placed a strip of ribbon down the edge of spine and left it at that, I left the excess pages in as my Son said he preferred it with them in so as the inside cover was tatty we stuck the first page to the inside of the front & back cover

Once I had finished the letters I rubbed some Gold Gilding Wax over the edges of each page, yes I did do every page lol! This made the letters stand out a bit more. In this image it does look like there is a gap in the letter 'y' but there isn't, it is how the book is standing and how I took the image, sorry!

With the second image you can see the script paper which had Gold snowflakes over it too and you may just be able to make out the Blue & Black ribbon I placed down the edge of the spine.

I do hope to make a couple more for friends of my Daughters who have just had babies and have given them unusual names but I have to buy the book first lol! Its a case of watch this space!

Thank you for looking, Jacquie xxx


  1. Good morning Jacquie, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to the New Year.
    Love your project, it's brilliant. I keep saying I must have a go, as usual not got there yet!!
    Like you I can not access Annie's Blog. She had to close down and set up a new one. It's a "Google" type and I just can't get anywhere with it. Seems a shame, she had some great projects.
    Have a good day
    Patricia x

  2. I have always been intrigued by gorgeous book folded names and your project looks awesome to my eyes...cant find any fault in it!!
    Dr Sonia

  3. Well done you, it looks great. Are you hooked yet?
    If you do Facebook there is a group on there with lots of help, tips and patterns, email me if you want a link. xxxx

  4. Wow Jacquie, you really kicked book folding butt!! Can't believe this was your first time, wow!! Great gift from hubby, once you use that tent you will just love it! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I'm sending cheers for a Happy New Year! hugs :)

  5. This is an awesome project. I've not come across book folding before and am very intrigued! Thanks for sharing. I have a few grandkids with unusual names, so this could be a fun gift for them.

  6. Well done Jacquie it turned out really well. Glad you were happy with the pattern. Janice xx

  7. oh my goodness this looks gorgeous and so difficult...I have seeing them and always wonder how to !!!
    happy new year big hugs

  8. Very cool!! Great job Jacquie! xx

  9. Hi Jacquie
    Could've sworn I'd commented on this lol!
    It's addictive'll be doing them for the street before you know it lol!
    Take care.
    Ang x


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